What is an Instrumented Treadmill?

Our instrumented treadmill is a complete, sophisticated rehabilitation system. This equipment shows us:

  • Immediate visual feedback for patient and practitioner
  • Clear graphical representations of force, pressure, angles and distances
  • Quantitative data for measurement and comparison

In this world of information overload, this system allows us to easily explain what the data actually means to you and how the practitioners will utilise these findings. This information is a major first step in structuring a treatment plan for restoring mobility, creating more efficient movement patterns and even improving athletic performance.

The ability to move one’s body is paramount for the participation of physical activity. The best possible outcome for a patient is taking them out of pain or reducing it enough to allow them to be taught how to confidently move in their bodies. This is applicable to the elite athlete, those at risk of falling and everybody in between.

An outcome measure is a tool used to assess a patient’s current status. Outcome measures may provide a score, an interpretation of results and, at times, a risk categorisation of the patient. Prior to providing any intervention, an outcome measure provides baseline data.

The initial results may help determine the course of treatment intervention. Once treatment has commenced, the same tool may be used in serial assessments to determine whether the patient has demonstrated change.

With the move towards Evidence Based Practice (EBP) in healthcare, outcome measure provide credible and reliable justification for treatment on an individual patient level.